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Masters Poems

I did my M.A. in English, Poetry Composition at California State University, Fullerton. The book of poems I wrote for my M.A. project is titled "The Music of Poetry" and the 19 poems explore the subject of music, poetical forms, and how they intersect. My adviser was Dr. John Brugaletta who was so instrumental in helping me achieve these poems and has several books of poems, the latest being "With My Head Rising Out of the Water" from Negative Capability Press. I have listed the forms and some notes to give some context.

The Music of Poetry

The Mechanistic Ballade - A french ballade
Singer - dramatic monologue about an android
Frenzy - Poem about driving to school
The Victim - Villanelle
Lost in the Mail - Word count dramatic monologue
The Midnight Quartet of Marcel Proust - dramatic monologue
The Conductor - Shakespearean sonnet
Cecilia Simon, Ten Months and a Day - dramatic monologue
Fever - Poem about my daughter as a toddler
Learning to Swim - Poetical form following the musical form of theme and variations
The Ring: A Corona - Five interlocking sonnets about Wagner's Ring Cycle
    The Rhinegold
    The Valkyries
    The Twilight of the Gods
The Dance
Love Song - Villanelle
Maria’s Sound: “Salve Regina.” - A three-part motet on Don Carlo Gesualdo’s double murder of his wife and her lover, 1594
The Music of Love - Free verse sestina
The Carpenter - Yep, THAT carpenter - Shakespearean sonnet
Hymn - Italian sonnet
The End of a World - chant royal