Classical Compositions

3 + four

Black Day Chant

Burial Request

Danse Brilliante

Fugue Ideas

Home on the Strange

Lutheran Chorale

Motet - Christianity

Mother Nature

Psalm 69 Verses 1-3

Scale and Variations for Piano

Secular Humanism

Slow March

The Classical Gods

The Stir-Fry Suite (5 Parts)

The Sun God

The True Creator

The Upper Room (fragment)

Folk / Pop / Rock Songs

29 Years


Acceptence is the Key

Brown Bag Pose

Celestial Artwork (Psalm 29)

Down to the Lake



God Dreams of Poets - Poets Dream of God

God Will Be Our King

I wish She Knew How I Feel

If We Had Peace

It Depends On Your Point of View

Look at the Skies

Lydia My Love

Man of Light

Mary's Song

Musicals / Opera

Mr. Blue's Adventure

The Acts

Judas (unfinished)