I consider poetry my favorite of all the arts as it combines images like painting, meter and phrasing like music, shape like sculpture, and language like prose. Poetry is what I chose to study in school from the 7th grade poetry class with Mr. David Arnett to my Master's project with Dr. John Brugaletta. Below you will find a life of poetry I have written, thus far, I hope you enjoy.

Juvenile - Ah, those early attempts at verse full of me, myself, and I!

School - Poems written for college, or during that time of exploration. Some are assignments, others not.

Masters - Poems written for my degree of Master of Arts in English, Poetry Composition at CSUF.

The Twins - An Epic poem based on an old tale first heard in a song by the folk rock group, Pentangle.

Current - What I have written postgraduate, when life's distractions distracted!

Really good stuff below!

Favorites - Poems I carry in my heart that have influenced me in more ways that I know. The list is building . . .

Poetry Magazine - A peerless periodical of the best contemporary poems in English being written today. If you love poetry, subscribe to Poetry!